January 28, 2017

Choice. Chance. Change.


TED-Ed: Lessons Worth Sharing is a creation of TED: Ideas Worth Sharing. Its mission is to spark and celebrate the ideas of your students. TEDxUniversityofMississippi helped start a TED-Ed Club at Lafayette Middle School. Under the guidance of LMS teachers Elisa Bryant, Katie Szabo (now teaching in Tennessee), and University of Mississippi student Shelby Knighten (now of the Rankin County schools), they led an after-school program of 7th and 8th grade students. Throughout the school year, these students watched TED talks, discussed what makes a good presentation, read TED Talks: The Official TED Guide to Public Speaking by head of TED, Chris Anderson, and ended the year with their very own TED talks.

Here is a news story about the culmination of their efforts. 

Mississippi Educators

Do you want your students to be on the leading edge of ideas?  Do you want to connect them to a global community of doers, explorers, and innovators? Join creative and inspirational educators from across the country and the world who harness the power of TED-Ed.

Why should I become a club leader?:

  • Students develop presentation literacy skills in an engaging, fun environment;
  • Students apply analytical and research skills on a subject of their choice;
  • Resources and templates for teachers make organizing seamless;
  • Teachers have access to TED-Ed’s international platform to share pedagogical ideas.
  • The University of Mississippi is interested in hosting a statewide event featuring the best k-12 student TED talks.


The TED-Ed: Lessons Worth Sharing website has lots of resources for teachers, but there is a process that must be followed for interested schools. The teachers at Lafayette Middle School want to share their experiences with you. Please join a Google Hangout with them and Dr. Marvin King, lead organizer of TEDxUniversityofMississippi:

When: Monday, August 21, 2017
Time: 3:30pm
RSVP: There is only space for 20 educators to join us, so please rsvp to marvin@olemiss.edu 

How: Google Hangout